President Andrew Jackson’s Magnolia tree to be partially cut back.

According to an article first published by CNN’s Kate Bennet, the Southern Magnolia tree planted on the south side of the White House residence is going to be partially cut back and is “too damaged and decayed to remain in place”. The CNN link also features a video by Jeremy Moorhead showing rarely seen shots of the damage the tree has sustained over the years.

The tree, in place since the 1800’s, will be taken down this week.



Murdoch Mysteries – 2014



The White House makes another surprise cameo appearance. This time in a 2014 episode of the Canadian drama series Murdoch Mysteries.

In the episode, the main characters are on their honeymoon in New York City. The scene takes place in a hotel where the White House Entrance Hall doubles as the hotel lobby.

In the scene, the Grand Staircase, the Entrance Hall, The Cross Hall with James Hoban’s niches, and the doorways to the Green Room, Blue Room, and Red Room are all visible.

As of now I have no idea why the White House set was used but I can guess that the set was borrowed by the show which may have already been built with another film production in mind. Which production I don’t know. In all likelihood the set was built in the Toronto area as it is common for American films to shoot in Canada.

One White House related scene involves an appearance of President Teddy Roosevelt visiting the hotel.

I believe I recall seeing this White House set appearing in at least one other episode of the same show but have not yet been able to find it.



Live By Night – 2016

live_by_night_xlgA recent night of movie watching yielded a surprise. The film was Warner Bros Live By Night ; produced, written, directed, and starring Ben Affleck. It was yet another curious example of The White House making a cameo appearance in a film.

In the scene, the main characters are seeking investors for a hotel and casino venture. The characters are seated around a desk where a large blueprint of the proposed hotel floor plan is laid out. The surprise is that rather than create a fictional and unique floor plan, the movie producers instead borrowed the White House floor plan and disguised under the print title of The Ritz Hotel and Casino.





Introducing . . . White House 2017 in 3D

White House 2017 Wingnuts Working2

The White House 2017 3D model represents 22 months of work starting in February 2016. It is based on existing floor plans I researched starting in 1999 of the Residence and floor plans of the East Wing and West Wing. It is the third edition of the White House I’ve created. The first was in 2005, the second in 2007.

Research of the subject matter never stops and the model is updated regularly. The 2017 model is by far my most accurate model to date. The level of geometric detail is dependent on the importance of the feature, and the likely distance a photo will be captured of it. The compromises I’ve made currently are that for the time-being, effort to have hyper-accurate detail is reserved for the Residence, the West Wing, the East Wing, gates, and fencing. The less accurate features are the trees although this is only temporary.

View the complete set of photos on Flickr.

Sample Photos

White House 2017-8White House 2017-11White House 2017-30White House 2017-44White House 2017-54White House 2017-69White House 2017-70